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The Problem

The archives of KNMI in the Netherlands contain large amounts of non-digitized Indonesian climate data from the colonial period. These data extend from about 1850-1970 and consist of meteorological observations of several elements reported with hourly to monthly resolutions. Because Indonesia is situated in a data-sparse area, meteorological observations in that area are of great importance for climate research (GCOS, AOPC). In addition, the observations are important for economic use, for security and, e.g., to better understand, anticipate and adapt to climate change. To exploit the potential of these data sources, they have to be made electronically accessible with the highest possible time resolution and quality and be extended with the more recent climate data of Indonesia since about 1970.

Objectives of the project

The objective of the project is to create new datasets with historical climate data of Indonesia, which at present are only available in hardcopy documents. This includes also the infrastructure to make the data electronically accessible. The data will be presented as observed time series of high temporal and spatial resolution, together with images of the original logbooks and the relevant metadata. The data will be free of charge and easily accessible to the scientific and policy making community dealing with climate change and its impacts. As far as applicable, the newly digitized datasets will be coupled with the corresponding modern data in Indonesia. It is our aim to make also the resulting extended datasets freely available. At the end of the project the data will be analyzed for quality and homogeneity and the results of the analysis will be published in the peer reviewed journals.

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